Friday, 30 October 2015

Glove Story

Gloves mate for life but,

the solo-glove is a mutant udder, an other of deformed teats, seeking another. Another in search of its misplaced (s) wanting to pluralise into a conjoined-twining.

It is also a stranded deep-sea creature washed too far ashore, unable to return to its aquatic habits.

Within the solo-glove’s jewelled imagination, it senses the five thefts of the finite.

This uninvited criminal act is deliberately performed by a tricky sand-villainess. Often regarded as that in which judgements flourish alongside one another, this femme fatale steals the solo-glove’s liberties.

This uninvited criminal act is deliberately termed, ‘Sightseer’ and purposely labelled, womanly.

Undeterred by her sticky mittens, the solo-glove suffers incessant dizzy spells but, as our unlawful lady’s name suggests, she is not only the solo-glove’s nemesis, she is also the solo-glove’s honoured guest.

The scheming of those refracting, factual moons, whose relatives are not adverse to any occurrence that has too many broken others, is represented by those devious brothers; Previously, Currently and Up-and-coming. They are the solo-glove’s fractalised selves.

When it is past the tense stage and no waking-words can alter this because its
nocturnal-flagships have emerged and merged, the solo-glove’s emasculated cries will take first prize, morning, noon and night AND IT WILL CALLOUT FOR JUSTICE!

And see, here are the solo-glove’s gory hands, and its embarrassed eyes, and swinging sex organs that spit and crackle and flash –

All are so quick to vanish it’s as if a star has come to personally deliver the collapsed pain of its spectacular implosion.

To ensure the solo-glove does not forget it is inseparable from its other-handed pair, thumbprints are taken.

Despite this, the solo-glove continues diving though ultramarine hoops, searching for forlorn treasure-maps, grabbing at sheets and stabbing at meat.

And slowly but surely, the next phase appears to go on and on and on, eating the solo-glove’s heart out.

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